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The Ground and Pound Lifestyle of an Entrepreneur on The Entrepreneur Way Podcast


“I’m an artist and dressing is my art” Unknown

The Entrepreneur Way Podcast with Daisi Pollard Sepulveda

“I started my first business and I was 24 and although that is a very popular thing to do now it wasn’t so back then – it wasn’t that popular and people looked at you and treated you like you were young and dumb. An entrepreneur wasn’t a thing – not a popular word back then. It was not a word that people were using so freely and the word start-up only existed in Silicon Valley for the most part, it wasn’t in our language. So, I took overcome a lot, being a woman, being young and being a minority was a lot. For whatever reason for me I was unaware of any of those things when I started”…[Listen for More]

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