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How My Product Model Is Handling COVID-19


We hope every one and your family of you are safe and healthy. We are focused on staying safe and productive during this unprecedented time in history. We feel that now that some of the dust has settled and we can firmly see what lies ahead; we feel comfortable in publicly sharing our current and future operational plans.

Currently, we are focused on keeping our community and crew safe. Our studio location is closed. Our founder, Daisi is leading the charge and will continue to provide virtual shoots for our clients. The remaining team will be working remotely providing sales, social media, post-production and customer service support.

My Product Model studios are based in Los Angeles, California where there is currently a “Stay At Home” order throughout the State. Looking forward, we project this Order will stay in effect for several more weeks and possibly months. In turn, we are prepared to stay operational during the entire duration of the Order.


During this time, our My Product Model customers have the same options as always to work with us from home.

  1. book a shoot anytime via our website.
  2. ship your products and props.
  3. real-time chat with your crew.
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