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E-Commerce Influencers with Amazing FBA



Last week My Producrt Model Founder, Daisi sat down with Michael Veazey for a 2 part interview. In our second podcast interview, they covered some about E-commerce Influencers:

  • The importance of connecting brands to influencers that have an audience.
  • Discover how e-commerce sellers use influencers.
  • Pitfalls of not creating your own content and not having your own customer base.

Listen to the interviews now!

The podcast episodes are now live. The best way to catch them is directly via the podcast apps below:

If you want to listen on a web browser (desktop or mobile) and/or read the show notes, click the links below:

Episode 2: Ecommerce Influencers with Daisi Sepulveda:

Daisi recently published an ebook,  My Product Model Success Guide: PHOTOS, available on Amazon which covers important aspects of creating high quality product photography for your e-commcerce listing.  

Listen up - and let us know your thoughts and questions!

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