• We Simplify The Product Photo Process While Keeping it Pretty!

    Studio. Models. Product.


    Product images should be aspirational but they should also be practical. My Product Model, a unique creative agency specializing in e-commerce product shots, videos, and content writing for digital catalogs and advertising campaigns.

    We provide glamorous original product shots while providing a simplified packages and ordering process.


    Need a great set of hands to hold your kitchen utensil?

    Want a unique face to showcase the quality of your skincare or makeup product?

    Whatever it is you need, we’ve got you covered.


    My Product Model is an exclusive source offering inclusive packaging of product modeling, photography and video solutions for e-commerce fashion and beauty brands, Amazon Sellers, Easy Shops and Ebay Sellers. Our packages come with everything you need for one flat rate. Why spend thousands of dollars on photographers, studio rentals, models, makeup artist, etc. for the same old generic product shots that everyone else using?


    Each package includes a set number of images, backgrounds, lights, makeup, hair and wardrobe that are selected to enhance your product images or videos. My Product Model is your solution to getting amazing content to help sell your products that set you apart from everybody else.






    Bebe By Me

    Swim On Cap

    Nafi Skin Care


    Laurie Eylse Collection